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Our Approach

At Wolf Law Chambers, we strongly believe that the space and location where you practice makes an important statement about you.

Meet the members

Dezso Farkas

Farkas Law

Psuthar Law 480X440
Parul Suthar


Julia Munk 480X440
Julia Munk

Munk Law

Neeraj Pal 480X440
Neeraj Pal

Gretis Legal

Member 480x440 Anna Gurevich
Anna Gurevich

Anna Gurevich L.L.B. L.L.M

Peter Callahan 480X440
Peter M. Callahan

Barrister & Solicitor

Member 480x440 Carlo Pasqualino
Carlo Pasqualino

Pasqualino Law

Member 480x440 Essa Karim (13)
Eaton Law
Member 480x440 John Reiterowski
John Reiterowski


Member 480x440 Essa Karim (2)
Albert Wallrap

Wallrap Law

Member 480x440 Essa Karim (16)
Elisabeth Arcila

Arcila Immigration Law

Kai Ma

Kaima Law

Member 480x440 Shanil
Shanil Patel

Shanil Amar Patel Law Professional Corporation

Member 480x440 Adam(2)
Adam Freud

Freud Law

Marchetti lee Law 1
Adrienne Lee & Christine Ann Marchetti

Marchetti Lee LLP

SDA 480X440
Stephen Durbin and Associates
Member 480x440 Alex Battick
Alex Battick

Battick Legal Advisory

Member 480x440 Alex Battick (1)
Strategy Legal

Licensed Paralegals

Member 480x440 James Hartford
James Hartford

HLG Tax Law

Member 480x440 Red Wolf Mediation
David Noganosh

Red Wolf Mediation

Member 480x440 Essa Karim (1)
Palmerino Vitti

Vitti Immigration Law

Member 480x440 Essa Karim (2)
Chioma Udechukwu

Westvine Law

Member 480x440 Essa Karim (14)
Orcus Law LLP
Member 480x440 Essa Karim (2)
Alexander Karapancev

Karapancev Law

Member 480x440 Simpson
Erin Simpson & Zahra Taseer

Simpson Taseer LLP

Logo MODI 1
Vatsa Modi

Modi Law Immigration

Roma 480X440
Roma S. Mungol

Mungol Singh Law Office

Sodaba 480X440

Rameh Law

EPSTEIN LAW 480X440 -1
EPSTEIN & Associates
Member 480x440 Cizan Suliman

Suliman Law

Member 480x440 Maheshi Law

Maheshi Law

Member 480x440 Essa Karim (3)
Ranbir Mann

RS Mann Professional Corporation

Member 480x440 Essa Karim
Pan Dong


Member 480x440 Essa Karim (15)
Sheila Kirsh

Kirsh Law

Member 480x440 Phillip Mota (2)
Naomi-Joy Blackhall

Blackhall Legal Services & Artist Management

Member 480x440 Matrona(1)
Niki Kanavas

Matrona Law

Member 480x440 Kalra (3)
Shelly Kalra

Kalra Family Law

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