Below you can find the various features that can be included in your proposal.

If you are not sure about what space and services you need, let us help!

Our team will be happy to help you build your practice or take your business to the next level.

32-Premium address

Premium address

Access to a distinguished address that you can use on your business cards, website and other promotional materials. Our locations are strategically located in premium places perfect to practice law.

23-Hot Desk

Hot Desk

Access to our facilities and use of available workspace. This includes workstations, desks, benches and lounge areas.

28-Private Workstation

Private Workstation

Access 24/7 to your private workstation with lockable storage in an open space area. You can install your desktop and secure your files.

29-Sared Office

Shared Office

You can have access to a Private Office some days of the week. The other days this office will be used by other legal professionals.

25-Office furniture

Private Office

We offer a turn-key solution for your practice. Your office will have one desk, filing cabinet, one executive chair and two chairs for your clients. We leave the decoration up to you.



Access to modern and professional boardrooms that you can schedule on an as-needed basis electronically. Ideal for a meeting with four or more participants.


Meeting Room

Access to modern and professional office that you can schedule on an as-needed basis electronically. Ideal for a meeting with three or less participants.


Private Business phone line with voicemail

Private phone line exclusively for your business with voicemail messages forwarded to your email.


Printing & Copying - 24/7 access

Access to the main printer and copier machine from which you can print and copy documents.

18-Office Coordinator

Live reception services (Mon – Fri, 9 am -5 pm)

Access to the following basic receptionist services:

  1. Answering calls from your clients made from the lobby phone
  2. Sending courier and mail packages on your behalf
  3. Greeting your clients
  4. Managing the boardroom schedule
  5. Managing office resources
  6. Providing commissioning and witnessing services

Mail & Package (send and receive)

Our receptionist will send and receive mail and courier packages on your behalf. You will be billed monthly for the postage and courier fees which will be itemized by client for your convenience.


Fax line with e-Fax forwarding

Access to the fax machine from which you can send and receive documents.


Scanner - 24/7 access

Access to the scanner from which you can scan your documents and send them by email.

11-Electronic client notification

Electronic Client Notification

Your clients can sign-in on a device located in our lobby and you will be electronically notified by email and text message.

6-Electronic notifications

Electronic Package Notification

You will be notified with an email and text message every time that we receive mail and courier packages for you. You will receive a picture of the label on your device.



Access to a highspeed and secure internet connection.


Drinks and Snacks

Your office rental package includes access to water, coffee and snacks for yourself and your guests. Dishes and cutlery are available in the kitchen.

33-Referral Network

Access to Referral Network

Access to Our Community events and private learning sessions. Our community of legal professionals of different areas of practice is ideal to get and give referrals. At Wolf Law Chambers we facilitate connections between our members.

37-Name Plate

Name Plate

Have your firm name plate at the entrance, in the waiting area.


Commissioning and witnessing services

Our qualified staff can commission and witness documents for you.

36-Virtual Associate

Virtual Associate

Our qualified staff can meet with your clients to execute documents on your behalf.

19-Other Locations

Second and Tirth address

You may also meet clients at our Mississauga, Oakville or Toronto locations and at other future WLC locations.

22-Online Presence

Micro Website promoting your practice

At Wolf Law Chambers we care about our members and help them to promote their practice. Each member has a dedicated page on our website ( and the opportunity to share their knowledge through articles that are published and promoted on our social media channels.

35-Social Media

Social media promotion

We share your regular posts in our social media channels helping you to promote your practice.

16-Access Card

Keys and Access Cards

You will be provided with 1 access card which will provide access to the main building and the front glass door. Your card will provide access anytime after hours. You are permitted to access the office 24/7. You will also be provided with keys to the interior front door and the back door of the premises.



Wolf Law Chambers is professionally cleaned on a regular basis during the week. We will provide a locked box for disposal of confidential documents which get shredded at regular intervals.

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