5 Reasons to Work in a Shared Workspace

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Working from home seems like a dream, doesn’t it? When you work from home, you can wear your favorite pajamas all day, take breaks whenever you like, and you never have to worry about traffic. In theory, it sounds delightful. Within the past two years, though, we’ve learned that working from home isn’t always the ideal dream we thought it could be. There are some significant downsides to working from home, not the least of which are isolation and distractions.

The obvious alternative is to go back to the office. But what if it’s too far? Or too small? Or do you need to be available to people at home?

Thankfully, there is a third option: coworking spaces. A coworking space is a place where…insert definition

There are many benefits to working in coworking spaces: You can form relationships with people who share your interests by sharing a space, meet people from other disciplines, there is a sense of energy and purpose in the air and work is easier.

1.  Productivity Increase

When you work in a coworking space, you’re surrounded by others working on their own projects. It can motivate you to finish your work and create a sense of accountability.

There are also rules and regulations that everyone must follow in most coworking spaces, for example, it is not allowed to talk loudly on the phone, and you cannot listen to music without headphones. These guidelines help people focus on their work by maintaining quiet and peace in the shared workspace.

2.  A Professional Environment

Being able to work from your bed or couch can seem like a pleasant experience. Although you can work in your pajamas, it’s not very professional. This can affect your mood, outlook and productivity. In contrast, a coworking space is a professional environment and requires professional clothing Both of these will help You get into a much more productive mindset.. 

Additionally, most coworking spaces in Canada and the U.S. have meeting rooms so you can meet with clients or have video calls privately. This way you’re meeting with clients in a professional setting, you don’t need to worry about backgrounds, or being accidentally disturbed by any other occupants in your house. 

3.  Health Benefits

Coworking spaces encourage you to take breaks and move around. By doing this, you will be able to focus and concentrate better. In addition, it can help you relax and reduce stress levels.

You can also schedule your eating habits with it. Working from home tends to lead to the habit of snacking all day. Obviously, this isn’t healthy. But in coworking spaces, lunch and breaks are usually scheduled. As a result, you can better control your food intake.

Lastly, coworking spaces can improve your posture. Working from home makes it easy to slouch or sit uncomfortably. It’s normal to sit at a desk or table in a coworking space. You can reduce back pain by sitting in the right position, at the right height in an ergonomic chair.

4.  Networking Opportunities

You can easily feel alone and isolated working from home. All those meetings online do not make up for real human contact. In fact, it can be more exhausting. In a coworking space, however, you’re surrounded by people to chat and exchange ideas with. It will give you the opportunity to make genuine human connections, meet new people and develop new professional and social contacts..

5. Customization

Last but not least: personalization. Coworking spaces also offer private offices in addition to reserved desks. Depending on your needs, you can have your own enclosed space or if you prefer, you can have a desk reserved exclusively for your use. With both options, you will be free to customize and personalize it to your satisfaction.

In this tug of war between employees and employers over work from home vs office work, there is a third option to consider: coworking spaces. Check out a coworking space near you to see if it’s right for you. It could be the opportunity you didn’t know you were looking for.