RBMConsulting provides advice, support, and representation in predominantly trade and transportation-related areas of public and international law. The firm is structured as a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Rohan B. Mathai.​

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Rohan Mathai

Rohan has helped clients understand, navigate, and resolve complex issues in transportation and trade-related areas. This includes advising on:

  • Ship and rail-sourced oil spill liability and compensation

  • The subsidizing and dumping of foreign goods

  • Customs tariff classifications

  • Rules of origin

  • Government procurement

  • Marine, rail, and aviation-related enforcement, licensing, penalty, medical, and security decisions

He has both public and private-sector work experience, including experience working as in-house counsel for the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada, the Office of the Administrator of the Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund, the Office of the Administrator of the Fund for Railway Accidents Involving Designated Goods, and the Canadian International Trade Tribunal.

Areas of practice

RBMConsulting helps their clients succeed in the following areas:

Regulatory Transportation Law
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Rail
Marine Environmental Law
  • Claiming for Oil Spill Damages, Losses, and Costs
  • Assessing Your Oil Spill Liability Exposure
  • Advising on Novel Environmental Liability
  • Facilitating Environmental Disaster-Related Prep Work
Trade Law
  • Drafting and review of solicitation documents (e.g., Request for Quotation (RFQ), Request for Standing Offer (RFSO)
  • Advising on federal government procurement obligations
  • Administration of solicitation on tendering site (e.g., buyandsell, merx, biddingo)
  • Canadian Customs Tariff classification advice
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