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Munk Law is committed to providing legal services that meet the diverse needs of families and community members in a way that is caring diligent and accessible.
Whether your legal issue arises at home, work or school, Munk Law will support you and ensure your legal needs are met in a way that respects your rights and dignity. Munk Law embraces an inclusive approach to the practice of law that is sensitive to the unique experiences and needs of every client.
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Julia Aron Munk completed her Master of Arts at the University of Victoria in Studies in Policy and Practice in Health and Social Services. Her thesis examined how and why people with disabilities become community organizers. Julia has spent several years advocating for the rights of people with disabilities. While she was a graduate student, she became interested in the human rights and disability issues faced by families. This interest inspired her to become a lawyer.

Julia studied law at the Osgoode Hall Law School, graduating in 2016. During her studies, she completed the Osgoode Child Protection Law Externship, the Osgoode Disability Law Intensive and participated in The Family Law Project. She completed her Law Practise Program placement at ARCH Disability Law Centre where she worked on a range of accommodation and human rights issues. Julia welcomed a new addition to her family with the birth of her son in 2018. As a new mother, she became even more aware of the legal needs of families, particularly, those with young children.

Julia established her practice to focus on issues faced by families, including Family Law, Estates Issues as well as a variety of Human Rights concerns that impact both individuals and families. Julia can help make legal matters more accessible and understandable. She is caring and committed to working with you to meet your legal needs.

Areas of practice

Munk Law helps clients with:

Estate Issues
  • Estate Planning;
  • Estate Administration; and
  • Estate Litigation
Family Law
  • Agreements
  • Mediation & Litigation
  • Child Custody & Access
  • Child & Spousal Support
  • Property Division
Human Rights & Disability Issues
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Education


Full Representation

The most common option for clients seeking assistant with all legal issues arising in their case is the Munk Law Full Representation retainer agreement.


An opportunity to ask questions and canvas your options. Sometimes a consultation is all you need. A consultation costs $200 + HST**. Advance payment is required to secure an appointment.

Limited Scope Support

This service is for clients who want to reduce costs by representing themselves and attending most or all of their court appearances without representation, but who want some guidance from Munk Law along the way.

Notary Public 

Munk Law provides notarization and commissioning for a wide array of legal documents.

Support for Lawyers

Munk Law assists other lawyers on a contract basis. Services include:

  • consulting regarding accommodating clients with disabilities
  • legal research and writing;
  • drafting court documents including appellate facta;
  • providing litigation support; and
  • attending court appearances.
Disability Issues Consulting

Munk law provides a wide array of services related to disability including accessibility auditing, policy development, strategic planning, and anti-oppression training and drafting of government submissions.

Research & Written Opinions

For those who want research conducted or an opinion on a discrete legal issue, such as the viability of a potential appeal.

*Retainers are required for all Munk Law services. The amount of a retainer will vary depending on the service requested. **Where a consultation results in a retainer for additional services, the cost of the consultation will be credited toward that retainer

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