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Are You Always Running Out of Time?

By wolflawc | Sep 3, 2019

Are the current standards you have set in place the most efficient and viable in achieving your goals? Are you finding the right balance between your work and personal lives? Are you always pushing back deadlines and rescheduling matters? These are some of the questions you must ask yourself when assessing your legal practice. For…

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Mental health and wellbeing in the legal profession

By wolflawc | Aug 30, 2019

In a profession that demands for you to be meticulous throughout every moment of your day, there is an enormous amount of pressure that undeniably exists. Can the continuous pressure of rushed deadlines, liabilities for oneself and others, dreadfully long work hours, stiff competition, dismissal of emotion from sensitive client matters, isolation, and/or sleep deprivation…

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Networking Event – Legal Outsourcing vs. Hiring New Talent

By wolflawc | Aug 23, 2019

Thank you to our fellow sole practitioners, the marvellous Peter Carayiannis from Conduit Law, and most welcomed guests for joining us on Thursday, August 15th, 2019 at Wolf Law Chambers. The topic of discussion for our event was the practicality that lies in outsourcing legal work in comparison to hiring new talent. Initially, sole practitioner,…

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Common Law Removal of Estate Representatives

By wolflawc | Aug 22, 2019

Experts within the field of Estates Law understand the courts in Ontario have jurisdiction to remove personal representatives of an estate, pursuant to Section 37 of the Trustee Act. If removal is necessary, then the lawyer may submit a Notice of Application for removal under rule 14.05(3)(c) of the Rules of Civil Procedure. This has…

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The Advantages of Incorporating your Professional Practice

By wolflawc | Aug 13, 2019

Since November 1st, 2001, professionals have been entitled to incorporating their practice under the Business Corporations Act as provincial governments changed their incorporation laws to include professionals [1]. Incorporating a professional practice is a pivotal step forward in securing financial advantages. Whether it be through tax deferrals, individual pension plans, health and welfare trusts, the…

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The Importance of Obtaining and Reviewing a Status Certificate with a Lawyer

By wolflawc | Aug 6, 2019

It is not information itself but how we use it that defines our prudence. An overload of information will lead to poor decisions, despite any lucky benefits, since too much information is equivalent to no information, and any decision based on no information cannot be prudent but only speculative. The same can be felt by…

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5 ways to effectively market yourself in a legal practice

By wolflawc | Jul 31, 2019

In today’s market, competition is generally high. How we present ourselves to the world can make a significant impact on the success of our firm or practice. So here are the 5 ways to effectively market yourself in the legal market.  We made sure to keep our list simple and easy to remember: These are…

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When Consent Fails to Waive Conflict

By wolflawc | Jul 25, 2019

A few weeks ago, we at Wolf Law Chambers published an article on how legal practitioners can navigate the law to fulfill their duty to avoid conflicts of interest. We finished the article subtly hinting at the idea that the removal of a lawyer due to conflict of interest may be waived where the affected…

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By wolflawc | Jul 19, 2019

In 2013, 77% of Ontario’s law firms were comprised of sole practitioners and the number of new lawyers choosing that route is still consistently increasing. This figure is no coincidence as becoming a sole practitioner definitely encompasses countless benefits to one’s career. Choosing your line of work and narrowing that further into a specialization is…

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