Why Do You Need a Private Law Office

The legal profession is a challenging one. There is no doubt about that. It is knowing the law precisely, the legal nuances, and the strategies that determine our clients' success.

However, none of that can be accomplished if you don't feel comfortable in your working space. It is sometimes necessary to feel a sense of privacy, control, and peace at the same time. It is because of these reasons that private office spaces are a great choice for legal practitioners since they offer both privacy and comfort when working on cases and brainstorming ideas. It is the best way to boost your productivity.

Would you like to know more about the advantages of working in a private space?

  1. It is a Peaceful Space for You

Certainly, if you're a one-person firm, it might be easier for you to work from home so that you can spend more time with family or maybe to enjoy the buzzing background sound of a busy café where no one pays you attention and earbuds let you tune out everyone.

In some cases, however, focusing fully on a case without interruptions is necessary, especially if it is a challenging case with many complexities.

Unplugging from all distractions may be the most effective solution. A private office can provide you with the peace and quiet you need to find the focus and productivity to work on your cases.

  1. Your Deadlines Can Be Managed Better

In some cases, you may have been overloaded with clients, others may have lasted longer than expected, or you may just have needed more time to complete a matter.

In these situations, you cannot afford to be distracted when meeting deadlines, since each case is different. Therefore, as we mentioned before, your office space should be calming, peaceful, and comfortable, and provide you with everything you need to improve your concentration and work rhythm. The benefits of a private office space include private internet access, electronic notifications, live receipt and electronic notification of clients and packages.

Wolf Law Chambers Toronto Boardroom
  1. You Need a Private Space for Your Consultations

Law offices are responsible for protecting the privacy of their clients. This is the law.

Solicitor-client privilege can be fulfilled while at the same time ensuring that your clients' discussions will not be shared outside your office without their consent. This is an ideal space for discussing pre-trial matters with clients and having discussions with opposing counsel.

You will also be able to gain the respect and trust of your clients if you have a private office. The entire focus of your service is on them, their needs, and how you will assist them in this legal process.

If I am a Solo Practitioner and cannot Afford a Private Office, What Can I do?

We offer private offices for individuals and small firms, which is especially convenient since office space in Downtown Toronto, Oakville and Mississauga is hard to come by, let alone affordable.

You will benefit not only from the private spaces, but also from Wolf Law Chambers’ professional legal support, including assistants to answer the phone. Our services include mailboxes, snacks, conference rooms, as well as social media promotion for your law firm. At Wolf Law Chambers, you will have access to amenities, cleaning staff, and personal and semi-private spaces, all at a competitive rate. Check out Wolf Law Chambers' workplace solutions, from a one-day office to meeting rooms to private executive offices, and you'll find something you'll like. And it’s all fully serviced! You can view our locations on our website www.wolflawchambers.ca  and read our client's reviews to get an idea of what our clients think!

Wolf Law Chambers' Private Offices will help you to save time, money, and effort, so you can focus on winning cases and growing your business. Our team will provide you with a wide range of services, making us the right choice for your office needs.

Coworking Space - WLC Mississauga

5 Reasons to Work in a Shared Workspace

Working from home seems like a dream, doesn’t it? When you work from home, you can wear your favorite pajamas all day, take breaks whenever you like, and you never have to worry about traffic. In theory, it sounds delightful. Within the past two years, though, we’ve learned that working from home isn’t always the ideal dream we thought it could be. There are some significant downsides to working from home, not the least of which are isolation and distractions.

The obvious alternative is to go back to the office. But what if it’s too far? Or too small? Or do you need to be available to people at home?

Thankfully, there is a third option: coworking spaces. A coworking space is a place where…insert definition

There are many benefits to working in coworking spaces: You can form relationships with people who share your interests by sharing a space, meet people from other disciplines, there is a sense of energy and purpose in the air and work is easier.

1.  Productivity Increase

When you work in a coworking space, you’re surrounded by others working on their own projects. It can motivate you to finish your work and create a sense of accountability.

There are also rules and regulations that everyone must follow in most coworking spaces, for example, it is not allowed to talk loudly on the phone, and you cannot listen to music without headphones. These guidelines help people focus on their work by maintaining quiet and peace in the shared workspace.

2.  A Professional Environment

Being able to work from your bed or couch can seem like a pleasant experience. Although you can work in your pajamas, it’s not very professional. This can affect your mood, outlook and productivity. In contrast, a coworking space is a professional environment and requires professional clothing Both of these will help You get into a much more productive mindset.. 

Additionally, most coworking spaces in Canada and the U.S. have meeting rooms so you can meet with clients or have video calls privately. This way you’re meeting with clients in a professional setting, you don’t need to worry about backgrounds, or being accidentally disturbed by any other occupants in your house. 

3.  Health Benefits

Coworking spaces encourage you to take breaks and move around. By doing this, you will be able to focus and concentrate better. In addition, it can help you relax and reduce stress levels.

You can also schedule your eating habits with it. Working from home tends to lead to the habit of snacking all day. Obviously, this isn’t healthy. But in coworking spaces, lunch and breaks are usually scheduled. As a result, you can better control your food intake.

Lastly, coworking spaces can improve your posture. Working from home makes it easy to slouch or sit uncomfortably. It’s normal to sit at a desk or table in a coworking space. You can reduce back pain by sitting in the right position, at the right height in an ergonomic chair.

4.  Networking Opportunities

You can easily feel alone and isolated working from home. All those meetings online do not make up for real human contact. In fact, it can be more exhausting. In a coworking space, however, you’re surrounded by people to chat and exchange ideas with. It will give you the opportunity to make genuine human connections, meet new people and develop new professional and social contacts..

5. Customization

Last but not least: personalization. Coworking spaces also offer private offices in addition to reserved desks. Depending on your needs, you can have your own enclosed space or if you prefer, you can have a desk reserved exclusively for your use. With both options, you will be free to customize and personalize it to your satisfaction.

In this tug of war between employees and employers over work from home vs office work, there is a third option to consider: coworking spaces. Check out a coworking space near you to see if it’s right for you. It could be the opportunity you didn’t know you were looking for.

The Importance of a Business Address

Businesses today compete for clients, customers, and employees. This increasingly competitive and modern world demands a business address for legal practitioners, which is usually its registered office. It is generally considered to be an effective and influential factor in attracting customers since it denotes legitimacy and professionalism. Here are several reasons why a business address will benefit you:

Wolf Law Chambers Toronto

Contributes with a professional image

In the eyes of customers and clients, a business address is a reflection of the business. You may not realize how significant the location of a business is. When customers expect similar businesses to be in the same physical location, they usually do business with companies with registered offices in that area.

An Effective Marketing Tool

Having a business address can make marketing very effective. Your company’s business address makes it easier for clients to trust you immediately. It is essential that a prestigious, stable, and recognizable business location conveys the services provided by the company.

Qualify for Benefits

f an office is located in a less desirable location, the company might not be eligible for certain incentives and benefits.

A Competitive Advantage

If your company is the only business in the area, you can enjoy a competitive edge over your competitors. Customers who already work with your company are unlikely to switch to another.

Customer Contact Point

You can also make your customers aware of your organization by providing them with your business address. Companies with offices or registered offices have a higher chance of doing business since customers can reach them directly by phone or email.

Keep Your Business Interests Protected

Fraud can also be prevented with a business address. A valid certification verifies that your company is legitimate and that you are who you claim to be. Providing service from a legitimate organization and having staff on hand to assist your customers is a guarantee that your customers will receive quality service.

Avoid Confusion with Other Companies

When there are multiple companies based in the same region, a business address can prevent customer confusion.

At Wolf Law Chambers, you will receive amenities, cleaning staff, and personal and semi-private spaces, all at a competitive rate. Check out Wolf Law Chambers’ workplace solutions, from a one-day office to meeting rooms to private executive offices, and you’ll find something you’ll like. And it’s all fully serviced! You can view our wide variety of locations on our website www.wolflawchambers.ca and read our client’s reviews to get an idea of what our clients think!

Five Tips for Shared Workspace Etiquette

As more and more businesses and industries move toward remote or flexible work arrangements, coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular. Some companies, especially start-ups, have always worked in coworking spaces. However, there are some professionals who, although are more comfortable with traditional offices, are now facing a coworking arrangement. Many of these professionals are unfamiliar with coworking spaces, and it’s imperative to understand coworking space etiquette if one is going to be using it.

One type of coworking space that is increasingly popular is a shared office space that individuals, teams and organizations can all use. The majority of coworking spaces have everything you need for a productive workday:

  • Photocopier
  • Printer
  • Drinks and Snacks
  • Micro-website
  • Cleanliness
  • Sending and Receiving e-mail
  • Electronic Client and Package Notification

A high-speed internet connection and after-hours events are also frequently available.

When using a coworking space, being mindful of those around you is essential.. Having a basic understanding of coworking etiquette will ensure you are a respectful and respected member of the space when you visit for the first time.

 Wolf Law Chambers coworking space_2
Wolf Law Chambers coworking space_2

Coworking Space Etiquette Tips

1. Use headphones

Make sure you listen to your music, podcasts, or white noise privately while you work. Headphones are a “must-have” when  working in a coworking space. Noise-canceling headphones are also handy  for blocking out conversations and activities around you.  All calls, and meetings, should be conducted with headphones or a headpiece. No one else is interested in hearing your conversation! While coworking spaces are conducive for sharing ideas with other professionals, sometimes you don’t want to be disturbed, and headphones are a handy but polite way to indicate that.

2. Be conscious of space

A specific desk, table, or booth may be assigned exclusively to you  in some coworking spaces. Other spaces are shared: different people will use the same space on a rotational or first come, first served basis. Finally, nearly all coworking spaces have communal areas with tables and couches for working to be used by anyone at any time. The shared nature of these work areas means it’s essential to be conscious of how much space you’re using. It’s impolite to spread your papers and tools over an entire table if there are others also looking for space.

3. Be aware of the time

Time is everything when it comes to coworking space etiquette. Don’t forget there is a  person who has reserved the meeting room/workstation after you. Wrap up your work or meeting on time. Consider others if you’re using a phone booth. Booking meeting rooms, tables and workspaces are no different; don’t assume it’s available. Always book the space well in advance to ensure you get it and to refrain from infringing upon colleagues’ time. In coworking spaces, most things are shared, so adhering to a schedule allows you to be a more respectful office colleague

4. Keep boundaries in mind

Coworking spaces offer many positive benefits, including collaboration. However, not everyone wants to collaborate all the time. Try not to interrupt someone too frequently, and be mindful of their work habits. Consider scheduling time to collaborate with them instead of dropping by at any time. Collaboration and networking events are also common in many coworking spaces. Meet your coworkers!

5. Clean up after yourself

Coworking spaces are no different than regular offices or communal spaces in that general etiquette and common courtesy dictate that you clean up after yourself. Despite shared offices having janitorial services, it’s your responsibility to leave your workspace as clean or cleaner than  you found it, so that the next person can sit down and begin working immediately. Coworking spaces often have communal kitchens, printer rooms, meeting rooms, and phone booths which should be treated with respect and cleaned after each use as well.

We hope these tips have helped! Coworking spaces are important and a great benefit to the modern professional, but as in any area when there are many people, we all have to work together to keep everything running smoothly.

Wolf Law Chambers knows how important it is for lawyers, paralegals, and solo practitioners to meet with clients. Using our meeting rooms, you’ll be able to conduct your meeting successfully. Learn how to schedule your first meeting today by checking out our meeting room services.

We are in Toronto

We have double the reason to celebrate this Canada Day. We have found the best place to open our Law Chambers in downtown Toronto! Our third location will be opening on July 1, 2021 (Happy Canada Day!) in the Richmond-Adelaide Centre on the 29th floor. We have a beautiful view of the city and the CN Tower. Join the Wolf Law Chambers community today and revel in the stunning views of Toronto.

Wolf Law Chambers Toronto

Legal professionals in Toronto will finally have access to the industry’s leading services offering full-service office space for small and medium firms, which are also located in Mississauga and Oakville.

Wolf Law Chambers provides an elegant workspace to allow legal professionals to grow their business and network while maintaining their independence. We offer spacious and fully furnished private offices, secretarial workstations, and boardrooms, along with a full range of administrative and support services found in established law firms so that you can focus on your legal practice. 

At Wolf Law Chambers you will belong to a community of legal professionals that actively share knowledge, experience and referrals; the ideal conditions to help your practice grow and succeed.

Wolf Law Chambers members are able to focus their time on what really matters: practicing law. We take care of the administrative tasks involved with running an office. From furnishing your office, to setting up the security system and maintenance, our professional team takes care of your packages, greets your clients and makes sure that you and your clients are in a safe and clean space, disinfecting the common areas regularly.

Your private office in Toronto

At Wolf Law Chambers Toronto you will find spacious offices with lots of natural light and big windows providing a stunning view from the 29th floor.

All you need to bring are your computer and files. The offices are furnished with L-shaped desks, lockable filing cabinets and chairs for you and your clients. We leave the decoration of the office up to you.

You can “hang your own shingle” and have your nameplate on your door and at reception.

You will have a private and secure internet connection, as well as printer, scanner and fax services. A shredding service will guarantee the safe disposal of your confidential documents.

At the front desk, our office coordinator greets your clients, receives and sends your packages and manages the maintenance of the office.

For your convenience, we have several services available online, including a booking app to book the boardroom and a messenger app to communicate with colleagues and the Wolf Law Chambers team. 

Basically, with a private office at Wolf Law Chambers Toronto all you need to care about are your practice and clients.

You will have access to the office 24/7 including the boardroom. So you can meet your clients in our sophisticated/elegant boardroom after hours and on weekends.

Premium Virtual Office in Toronto

If you are looking to expand your practice to Toronto or work from home, the Virtual Office is a great option for you. You will have a professional address in the core of downtown Toronto where you can meet and impress your clients.

With a virtual office you are a member of the pack, so you will have access to our referral network and our social and CPD credit events. On top of that, we will help you to promote your practice with a micro-website and social media posts.

Like other members, our office coordinator will take care of your packages and clients, and not even notice that your office is not physically with us.

Remember: We want you to succeed!

Location, Access and Parking

Wolf Law Chambers Toronto can be found on the corner of Adelaide St. West and York St. in the Richmond-Adelaide Centre within the financial district, steps away from the entertainment district and deep within downtown’s vibrant business community.

Our offices can easily be reached by car, transit, bike or on foot.

Our building is easily accessed from the Don Valley Parkway and the Gardiner Expressway. There is underground parking as well as other nearby parking options, such as the parking lot at City Hall.

If you prefer to take transit, the King and St. Andrews subway stations are minutes away, and Union Station and the Go Transit services are close by as well. The Richmond-Adelaide Centre is also connected to the PATH that connects Toronto underground enabling you to avoid the wind, snow and rain.

If you prefer to take your bike, the Richmond-Adelaide Centre has underground bike racks and changing rooms on the premises.


The Richmond-Adelaide Centre is a beautiful building with many amenities such as a food court, car wash and care, a fitness centre, outdoor space, and a concierge. Anything you could think of to make working away from home easier, this building has it, including dental clinics, a pharmacy and printing services.

The Richmond-Adelaide Centre has a beautiful patio and outdoor space where you can bring your food to eat and enjoy the sun. In 2020 a large sculpture, Dreaming by Jaume Plensa, was unveiled in the courtyard by Oxford Properties. Plensa hopes the sculpture will inspire all who see it to look inward, contemplate and dream of the future. 


Wolf Law Chambers has many services designed to help make our members’ practices run more smoothly and to free up their time to focus on the law and their clients. Included among our many amenities we have binding services available for binding court documents, live reception services where we greet and welcome clients as well as send and receive packages. As part of our community, legal practitioners also have unique access to our referral network and readily available witnesses and commissioners.


As we are lawyers ourselves, we understand the paramount importance of confidentiality and security. To that end each private office will have their own separate internet connection. All the furniture as well as the offices are equipped with locks. We have installed an internal surveillance system to maintain the security of the Chambers at all times. Confidential documents can be discarded in a locked container which will be emptied and destroyed by a certified company. Working amongst a community of legal practitioners has the added benefit of a shared understanding amongst all the members regarding the importance of confidentiality and security. There is no better or safer space to set up a law practice.

Meet Clients in a Professional and Impressive Space

Wolf Law Chambers Toronto, like our other locations, has been exquisitely designed by the interior designers at Silver Elephant. The vibrant artwork is inspiring and motivating. Canyon-inspired walls and carpets complement the sleek finishes of the furniture. Natural light beams through tall windows and even on rainy days, the view is magical. Our boardroom combines the comfort of a meeting space, accents of Earth’s natural wonders and the inspiring view of the Toronto skyline to make a space that is both functional and destined to impress your clients.  

Join Wolf Law Chambers Toronto!

Wolf Law Chambers is the place to be. It will help you save money in a professional and safe environment. Be surrounded by people that understand what your profession demands and will help you avoid distractions so that you can grow your practice. The best thing is: you are not alone. Our regular social events and office activities will keep you connected, supported and help you decompress. 

Don’t waste time; schedule a tour or a phone meeting with a member of our team NOW. 

Click here to schedule an in-person meeting to see our beautiful facilities.

To get more information about our services, schedule a phone meeting here.

If you want to learn more about our locations click here.

We will help you grow your practice.

At Wolf Law Chambers, we’re here to help you succeed

How Mail Services and Professional Addresses Help Law Firms Succeed

Nowadays, you can run your law firm from your own home. And while this is a cost-effective way to do business, it can leave a negative impression on your brand. When potential clients search for your firm online, they will notice if you’re using a P.O. box or personal address. Having a professional mailing address will help boost your firm’s image and bring in more clients. We’re going to cover how a professional address will help your firm succeed.

Your Firm Will Look More Credible

When you invest in a professional address and mailing services, your firm will become more trustworthy to clients. Now when they do a Google search, they will see that your firm is located in a credible business environment. Looking professional is one of the best ways to attract clients.

At Wolf Law Chambers, we offer legal professionals office spaces that are located in the greater Toronto area. Our offices are in prime locations that will not only impress your clients but also will boost your firm’s image.

Safely Do Business

As a legal professional, you may work on cases that can become a danger to you. The last thing you’ll want is for your business address to be your home address. This can put you at risk to be harassed by unhappy clients or others. You can prevent events like these by investing in professional mailing addresses. This way no one will know where you live, and you’ll be able to focus on your work.

We give our members their own personal mailing address, so they can handle their business without worry. Ensuring our clients safety is one of our utmost priorities.

Get Notified Whenever You Receive Mail

Clients will know whether you’re using a P.O. box to receive mail, and this can lead to a bad impression. When you use virtual office mailboxes, your firm will look more professional.

At Wolf Law Chambers we give our clients a professional mailing address. We scan your packages and send you an email when you’ve received mail. Staying on top of your mail as a legal professional is critical so that you can respond on time. This is why we dedicate ourselves to ensuring you’re always kept up-to-date when you receive mail. And if you’re especially in a rush, we will even send your packages for you to help you save time!

Having a professional mailing address will go a long way for your firm. It will show clients that you mean business and that you’re a credible resource. Take a look at our mailing address offerings, and reach out to us to see how we can help boost your firm’s image today!

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Julia Munk: Helping You Understand the Law

Julia Munk actively seeks to change the world by helping each of her clients understand their legal rights and the process they are apart of.

If you come away understanding the legal picture a little bit better, she has succeeded.

“When I was in the fifth grade my teacher asked us to draw pictures of what we wanted to be when we grew up. My best friend drew a teacher and the boy next to me drew a firefighter. I drew a stick figure holding up a sign on a stick and wrote across the top of my page, “When I grow up, I want to be a protester.”

My teacher asked my why I wanted to be a protester and without a second thought I responded, “So that I can change the world.”

  Julia Munk of Munk Law

A Change in Direction

Julia Munk originally intended on becoming a disability studies professor. She did her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto studying political science and equity studies. This was followed by a Masters at University of Victoria where she studied Studies in Policy and Practice and Social Services. Julia was ready to graduate and continue on a professorship career path when a situation developed in her personal life that changed everything.  Julia suddenly became intimately familiar with parental rights and this led her to re-examine her career trajectory. She decided that her original plan did not line up with her shifting priorities. She concluded, “I realized I wanted a career where I’m not just writing about social justice in theory, but I’m actually able to do things for people in practice that will help their lives.” She decided to pursue a career in law. 

Joining the Legal Community

After graduating from Osgoode Law School in Toronto in 2016, she considered the several options available to a newly-minted lawyer. The most attractive was becoming a sole practitioner. And Julia knew exactly the kind of law she wanted to practice and the types of clients she wanted to represent. Of course, Julia is glad to represent anyone who seeks her services, but she’s especially passionate about reaching the people who believe legal representation is beyond them, inaccessible physically, financially, or socially.

Being a sole practitioner can be lonely, so Julia began looking for ways to plug into the legal community. She heard about the law chambers concept and immediately loved the idea. A law chambers would connect her to the legal community and put her in direct contact with other lawyers. It would give her everything she was looking for: allow her to run her own practice but not feel like she was all by herself. Julia saw an ad on LinkedIn for Wolf Law Chambers and went for a meeting to learn more about the chambers concept. The price was right and provided a professional environment to work in and to meet clients. It was important to her to have an office space that reflected the professionalism with which she approaches her career. Wolf Law Chambers stood well above rivalling office options available to her as a new law practitioner. Everybody was friendly. At the end of her visit, she thought, “This place is up-and-coming,” And then, “I’m up-and-coming too.” So she signed up for a virtual office.

It’s proven to be a good decision. Julia has found that being part of Wolf Law Chambers reminds her that she’s not that different from other lawyers. “Sometimes I think when you’re working all by yourself you feel like you are,” she said. She loves being around other professionals who think law is as exciting as she does. She was also immediately connected to another lawyer who consulted with her on her specialty. The benefits of Wolf Law Chambers’s referral network were immediate.

Her Practice

Julia tries to make her practice as client-based as possible. “I’m trying to increase access to justice to the best of my ability to clients who would otherwise not be able to access legal services.” Family law, estates issues, and human rights are the three main prongs of her practice. Within estates, she enjoys doing something for families because it’s also connected to disability and capacity issues as well as protecting people’s rights as they get older. Disability law and elder law have a lot of overlap which intrigues her. Within family law, her scope ranges from child protection to representing parents with disabilities and the unique challenges they face. Julia practices all types of family law and has a special affinity for helping non-traditional families navigate the system.  Under the umbrella of human rights, Julia will focus on education law, family law and rights in employment. She also acts as a consultant for other lawyers, educating and enabling them to interact and represent their disabled clients effectively. In the end, every case Julia takes on is done so with the goal to increase access to justice.


Julia believes a lawyer should be accessible, diligent and caring. She strives to be client-focused, empathetic towards her clients’ experiences, and takes time to explain the intricacies of the law to each one.  She wants to help people who otherwise wouldn’t utilize legal services. “It’s not about disability or incapacity… Law plays a role in everyday life and I want it to be accessible to everyone.” Not just people who understand it, not just people who have the means, but also for the busy mom who needs legal advice, or the individual who has a tight budget. Julia likes helping people understand the processes of law and the documents they are required to sign. 

Julia wants to incorporate inclusive design principles into her practice. This means creating a legal service that is inclusive of all people. In the future, Julia envisions creating a practice for lawyers that accommodates specialties of all kinds and draws lawyers from diverse backgrounds who reflect their communities. Julia has learned that her experience, her background and who she is lends her a unique perspective to issues that others may not have thought of. It still surprises her the way her insights sometimes light up another lawyer’s eyes giving them a new avenue of possibility to explore in a given case. “It’s one of my favorite parts, the idea that I can bring a new idea to the table,” she said.

In the End

There’s law in everyday life and Julia doesn’t want it to be just about ability or disability, that’s not the distinction that she feels should be focused on. She wants it to be about what law can do to improve and change the world. “I still want to be a protester,” she said, “but I’m trying to find practical ways of achieving that.” If just one person understands their employment contract a little bit better or understands their rights a bit better after working with her, she has succeeded.

If you have previously considered legal service just out of reach, Julia is here to guide you through the complexities of the legal system with care and compassion.

Neeraj Pal: Heart of the Community

Neeraj Pal is a new Canadian lawyer who practices corporate commercial, real estate and civil litigation law. His focus is on easing the burdens of his clients and helping with complex legal matters.

Neeraj Pal was born and raised in India. Before coming to Canada in 2017, Neeraj was a lawyer in India for 16 years. He worked as in-house counsel for ESPN, Vodafone, Viacom and Times Network in India. In Canada, he is a sole practitioner that focuses on corporate commercial, real estate and civil litigation.

The Beginning

Neeraj didn’t always want to be a lawyer. There were a few lawyers and judges in his extended family and to his limited child perception, they led rather boring lives. “I wanted to be someone who was free-spirited, doing their own thing,” he said. The trouble was, he wasn’t quite sure what it was that he wanted to do. No matter, he thought. He would start the track to become a lawyer to keep his parents happy and to give himself time to figure out where his true passion lay.  He took the law school entrance exam, got into law school and realized with a mild shock that he loved it. Soon law became his passion. “I realized how amazing it is to search [for] new things, do research…fight a case…get a confirmatory result… And I was good at it,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

At one point in law school he had the opportunity to argue a case in a simulated court environment. He prepared his case law and his arguments, practiced his delivery. During his presentation, he was so wrapped up in his arguments that he didn’t realize he had gone beyond the allotted time. It didn’t seem to matter though, because when he was finished, his classmates were on their feet and showering him with applause. “[It was] such an amazing feeling,” he said. “I thought, if I can do it here, maybe I can do it somewhere else.”

Neeraj was called to the bar in India in 2001. He worked as a junior lawyer assisting a senior counselor in research, court appearances, documenting reviews and time management. During his next job at ESPN, he decided to do his Master in Laws in London, England. After his Masters, he was rehired by ESPN. Later on, he got an opportunity to be part of the Viacom’s dynamic legal team. Before heading to Canada, he was taking care of the legal and regulatory functions at Times Network, where he was dealing with serious techno-commercial agreements for the online and broadcast media business. Neeraj enjoyed the work and the team-based environment. When he and his family came to Canada in 2017, he contemplated returning to the same type of in-house environment but ultimately decided it was time to try starting his own practice, something he had wanted to do for awhile.

Coming to Canada

Neeraj took his accreditation exams while still in India so that when he arrived in Ontario, he was able to start the process to be licensed. He wrote his Barristers and Solicitors exams, completed his articling with Brampton Legal Community Clinic and was called to the bar in June 2019. He opened Gretis Legal in November 2019.

Neeraj focuses on corporate commercial and real estate civil litigation. In corporate commercial cases, he helps his clients incorporate a business, establish business practices, and develop employment agreements. In real estate, he focuses on sale and purchase transactions. In civil litigation he does personal injury claims and accident benefit claims.

Out of all the types of law, Neeraj has always been drawn to corporate commercial cases. It’s why he worked as in-house counsel in India. He feels a sense of kinship when many people are working together towards a common goal, to produce a product of the highest quality. And although he no longer works for a large company, he tries to bring that sense of ownership and partnership to the cases he works on with his clients. Real estate is his second area of interest. He finds it’s a way to stay connected to the community, give back to it, and stay in touch with the people within it, which is very important to him.

Third, Neeraj does civil litigation for personal injury claims and accident benefit claims. He finds litigation intriguing because he must stay active and updated on caselaw as it can change overnight. It’s a way to help people with their rights, making sure they get their share of things.

When asked what he’s most proud of, he gave a surprising answer. Neeraj said that the easy answer would be graduating from law school or passing the bar both in India and in Canada. He acknowledged that they are impressive accomplishments and he is proud of those moments, but to him, his proudest achievements are learning to knot his tie, learning how to swim as an adult, immigrating to a new country and starting all over again, and of course learning to drive on the other side of the road. He had to really work hard to overcome his fear (swimming) and years of trained instinct (driving) to succeed, which he did, and he’s beyond proud of those victories.

Choosing Wolf Law Chambers

After deciding to start his own practice, he began looking for an office space. Through a Google search, he found Wolf Law Chambers. He called and made an appointment for a tour. “They were very welcoming, and I was very impressed with the space,” he said. “I have worked most of my professional career in an environment where everybody has their own space but there is room to help each other. I wanted something similar. I never realized it would be available, but I saw [it] here.” When he checked it out, he knew he wanted an office at Wolf Law Chambers for himself. “The infrastructure is good, [there’s] 24/7 access and the coffee is great,” he added with a laugh. He noted that the clients who visited his office were very impressed. They liked the layout and the air of professionalism. The location is also a bonus as it’s pretty central in terms of reaching different parts of the GTA.

As a tenant of Wolf Law Chambers, he’s really impressed with the use of technology and how it’s been incorporated into office use. “They have enabled it to become your personal assistant,” he said. He can get his voice messages by email; he knows when he has mail or a parcel to pick up. He receives faxes electronically, negating the need to physically pick up the fax and then scan it himself. He can book the conference room online. “Technology has been used very positively, which is good because it can bring down efficiency [but not here], here it is used very nicely.” Too often, you don’t realize you need something until the need arises, but time and again, Neeraj has found his needs anticipated and fulfilled before he can voice them.

Looking forward

Short term, Neeraj would like to keep his practice running and keep learning about the Canadian system. Long term, he would like his practice to evolve into a big firm that has lawyers specializing in different areas, and for his practice to be heavily involved in the community. He also wants to create his own Bay Street. He sees a lot of good talent coming from outside Canada that could be utilized. He thinks it would benefit the community and be good opportunities for the incoming lawyers. “Not everyone can go to Bay Street after all, so why not make one right in the heart of my community?” he asked.

At the end of the day, his favourite part of being a lawyer is when he’s able to put a smile on his client’s face. When they’re able to walk out of his office satisfied and smiling, he’s happy. “Whatever it takes to make that happen,” he says, “I will do.” That smile is the best feeling of satisfaction.

If you would like to ease your burdens and smile, give Gretis Legal a call.

Solo Practitioners – Here’s How to Save 10-Plus Hours Every Month

As a solo practitioner, the amount of money you make depends on your efforts. But, there is power in being a solo practitioner. You’re your own boss, you set your own rules, and you run your own business. Because of this, you may find yourself working too many hours every month trying to make ends meet. Your time is valuable, and you shouldn’t have to overwork yourself every month.

We’re going to give you some time-saving tips that will help you be more efficient while working less.

Monitor How You Spend Your Time

One of the best ways to understand how you spend your time is to keep track of your weekly hours. Write down what you do every hour for one week to give you a better understanding of how you spend your time. You may be spending most of your time writing emails, and scheduling meetings.

Once you get an overview report of your weekly hours, you will be able to take action in getting rid of the tasks that eat up your time. For instance, if you spend most of your days writing emails, then maybe you need to hire an assistant. Or, if you spend most of your day scheduling client meetings, you could start using a scheduling software. Understanding where you spend your time will help you eliminate the tasks that eat up your time so you can better meet your deadlines.

Implement Automation Into Your Workflow

When you automate your daily processes, you will instantly begin to save time. As a solo practitioner, you must have an online presence. How else are your customers going to find you? But, running a website and social media profiles takes time. As we move further into today’s digital age, more tools are hitting the market that will automate your workflow.

If you spend a majority of your day writing blog and social posts, then you’re wasting time. Instead, you should schedule a time block during the week where you can lay out your weekly social and blog posts. During this time, you will create your posts. Then you can use a system like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to schedule your posts for the rest of the week. This is a great way to lessen the amount of time it takes to post each day, which will save you valuable time.

Start Having Online Meetings

As a solo practitioner, meeting with your clients is of the utmost importance. But, these meetings can drag on and waste precious time. Consider switching your meetings online through platforms like Zoom. This way you will be able to stay at your office and continue to work right after you get off the call.

At Wolf Law Chambers we understand how hard it can be to keep track of your time as a solo practitioner. Our office spaces are for legal professionals that will help you focus on your job in a professional environment. Contact our team today to see how we can help you work more efficiently in one of our office spaces.

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Litigation, With Care and Compassion: Alycia Rose

Alycia Rose of A. Rose Law specializes in civil litigation. She was called to the bar in 2017. After working for a couple of years for a few firms, she decided that she wanted the freedom and autonomy that comes with running her own practice.

In late 2019, she incorporated and started A. Rose Law. Her cases in civil litigation focus on property disputes that include real-estate, construction liens, breach of contract and debt repayment.


Before doing her undergrad, Alycia worked part time in a hospital. She worked in almost every department, learned a lot of medical jargon and even gained the ability to read doctors’ handwriting. Sheenjoyed the work and considered continuing there after school, but the desire to be a lawyer had always simmered in the back of her mind. She decided to take the plunge and go to law school. She did her research and chose the University of Leicester in England. She liked the idea of learning law from multiple jurisdictions. Within the first couple of weeks, she knew she had made the right decision. Law was her true love.

At the end of law school, Alycia came back to Ontario; she did a Masters degree in Law before being called to the bar. From her time working at the hospital, Alycia knew that she wanted to work with people who’d been affected by injury, illness, disability and mental issues, so she took a job at a personal injury law firm. The work was rewarding.  While she was there, she got a lot of litigation exposure and found she really enjoyed it. Each case was different, there was a lot of interaction with clients and she loved going to court. She enjoyed the thrill of it, the nervousness as well as arguing and trying to prove a point.

So, she decided to branch out further into litigation. Her next job was at an insurance defence firm, where she mainly focused on cases within the scope of property damage. Over time this evolved and led to civil litigation which is where she spends most of her time now. She also does real estate and construction liens and has continued with some personal injury cases as well.

Be Healthy and Happy

One of her goals in life is to focus on being healthy and happy both physically and mentally. She wants the same for her clients. The common denominator from her time at the hospital and her career as a lawyer is that both jobs focus on helping people in times of emotional and physical distress. All her life she’s been the person people come to for help and advice and she likes doing that, being there for friends and family. She wants to be able to do that for her clients as well as they go through events that are emotionally charged and painful. When clients come to her with their problems, she is dedicated to taking the stress away and putting it on herself. She’s ok with that. She’s trained for that. She has the resources and the knowledge to navigate the issues they’re dealing with, and at the end of the day she’s helping someone. “I’m a compassionate person and I put myself in the shoes of other people and empathize with what they’re going through,” she says. If she has the ability and the means, it seems to her a waste not to help people.     

The Limitation Period

Litigation covers all manner of cases but the most important issue is the limitation period. The fact that there’s a general two-year limitation period within which people can file a claim is not well-known. “That’s probably the most important thing I do,” she says, “because most of the time people don’t know they’ve only got two years.” It’s not uncommon for people to come to Alycia really close to the deadline or sometimes even too late. To make things even trickier, sometimes it’s difficult to decide when the date of loss was, when exactly the limitation period countdown clock started ticking.

No matter when a client comes to her, that clock regulates what she can and cannot do to preserve that client’s rights and whether or not they’ve been precluded from pursuing those rights. It’s not a very lenient piece of legislation, she admits. But when asked if that was the end of the line and there was nothing to be done after a limitation period expired, she said, “It depends on the case. There may be a way to fight it even if the deadline passed.” There are things that can be done, limited options that have no guarantee of working but she’s willing to try for her client’s rights.

The thing she wishes everyone did was as soon as they realized something was wrong, was make a call for a consultation even if it’s just to find out what the limitation period is. Although the general limitation period is 2 years, others are much shorter, some are even 10 days. “It’s important to call and ask what do I need to watch out for if this incident develops into something bigger,” she says.

Choosing Wolf Law Chambers

Becoming a sole practitioner can be daunting, even more so when you’re a young lawyer. “You suddenly wear all these hats, not just lawyer, but also, accountant, manager, marketer, advertiser, customer service representative, IT technician…” Alycia says, “but nothing compares. It’s awesome.” Despite the risk of setting out on her own, Alycia is proud of herself for taking the leap. 

When looking for an office to base her own practice out of, Alycia started her search with Google. Out of the several options that popped up, one was Wolf Law Chambers. She made an appointment with the owner, Dezso Farkas, and the Marketing Director, Isabel Alves. “I loved Dezso and Isabel. I really felt like I would be taken care of and respected. I felt that my career would flourish with the support that it seemed that they would be able to give me. And so far I haven’t been wrong,” she says.

She liked the location; it was central for her clients and easily accessible being close to the highway. She also liked that there was a second location in Oakville which she has access to. “Both offices are beautiful, especially the boardroom. Clients are always commenting on it.” As a litigator, Alycia is either serving someone or being served. She laughs. “It sounds insignificant, but it’s all I do.” So having a receptionist available to receive packages and a process server available, as well as a courier system in place is exactly what she needed. Once she settled in, the biggest thing that stood out was that there was a sense of community and collaboration, not competition which she appreciates. Working out of Wolf Law Chambers gives her the flexibility to work from home or from her Chambers office while still being able to work collaboratively. “It goes back to my goals: have a good work life balance and [Wolf Law Chambers] is the way to do it,” she says.

If you’re facing litigation, if you’re facing a property dispute, if you have a question about the limitation period of your case, give Alycia a call.