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Anna Gurevich

Anna Gurevich has been practicing law since 1995 after graduating from Moscow State University (at Lomonosov) in Russia. She worked in many jurisdictions, including Russia, Bulgaria, and Cyprus, specializing in Corporate and Real Estate Law. In particular, she worked with corporate clients from mid-sized to large telecommunication, aluminum and energy supply companies providing legal guidance on real estate purchasing, acquisition, selling and leasing activities as well as resolving contractual disputes.
When Anna was licensed to practice in Ontario, she continued her career practicing mostly the same areas of law as previously: Corporate (Business) Law and Real Estate Law as well as Wills & Estates. Anna represents many diverse individuals, family-run and mid-sized businesses through assisting them in their day-to-day operations as well as succession planning.
Anna loves meeting new people and businesses and enjoys helping them and making a positive impact on their day-to-day lives. She is inspired by people’s stories of success and deeply believes that success starts from loving what people choose to do in their lives.
Apart from her profession, Anna has another passion – skating. Anna has loved sports since her childhood and is a former professional speed-skater who continues enjoying skating for fun.
Anna is a co-host of a popular Russian speaking community, IBEE Community, a non-profit organization which unifies local Russian Speaking people and provides them with educational seminars, master-classes and entertainment.
Anna loves her job and is happy to share her knowledge and experience in assisting her clients’ legal needs.

Areas of practice

Anna Gurevich helps her clients succeed in the following areas:

Business Law
Real Estate Law
Wills & Estates
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