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ScharfLaw is the face of family and matrimonial law in this changing world. They are in tune with ever-expanding communications and understand servicing the family unit that has expanded on the world stage as well as those that remain close at home. They work closely with their clients to ensure the right results for each individual circumstance.

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Andrea Scharf, Counsel, BA, L.L.B. FDRP Med, AccFM

Andrea Scharf is a tough negotiator and litigator who works with you, to protect you and your legal rights to the maximum.

Counsel achieved her B.A. at the University of Toronto and attended Law School at the University of Western Ontario, (called in 1977).

Ms. Scharf has had an active career as a court room litigator, mediator, Duty Counsel, and Dispute Resolution Officer (DRO); and is a past Director of the Family Lawyers Association of Ontario.

Counsel is a contributor to the book, “All About Law, Exploring the Canadian Legal System”, (Nelson Education Limited), and is currently completing a publication to assist people in the throes of matrimonial and family law disputes to sort out the facts, issues, and procedures available for a fair and speedy resolution of their case.

Ms. Scharf is the mother of married children and grandmother of many.

Family is Andrea’s personal and professional life!

Areas of practice

Scharf Law focuses on family law. They help their clients in the following areas:

Family Law Mediation Arbitration and Litigation support

Cohabitation, Separation, and Marriage Agreements

Independent Legal Advice for agreements

International Child Abduction-Hague Convention services

Foreign Divorce and Annulment verification

Document preparation and other 'unbundled services'

Legally aided LAO certificate clients accepted

Parenting Coordinator mediation and arbitration services

Wills and probate services

Online consultations available

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