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Du Plessis Law

Johann founded Du Plessis Law to serve the growing needs of small to medium-sized, independent business owners. For more than a decade, Johann has assisted owner-managed businesses with their legal needs. He specializes in corporate, commercial and tax legal services.

Du Plessis Law helps clients set up and grow their businesses, as well as assists them with any tax issues. Du Plessis Law acts not only as its clients’ partner but as a trusted advisor on business, tax and commercial law, successfully helping many clients establish thriving small businesses in various jurisdictions.

Du Plessis Law also has extensive experience in cross border transactions in South Africa and Namibia.

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Johann Du Plessis

Johann Du Plessis is an Ontario licensed solicitor and barrister. He is also licensed as a lawyer in South Africa and Namibia. He was first licensed in 2007.

He obtained a masters degree in tax law from the Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto.

Areas of practice

Du Plessis Law helps their domestic and international clients succeed in the following areas:

Corporate Law

Advise, draft, review and settle:

  • shareholders' agreements
  • by-laws
  • articles of incorporation
  • minute books
  • corporate filings
  • shareholders registers and ledgers
  • directors' and officers' registers
  • corporate compliance
  • corporate structuring

Advise, draft, review and settle:

  • vendor transactions
  • sale of businesses: assets or shares
  • warrants
  • promissory notes
  • options and option schemes
  • sale or purchase of assets
  • loan agreements

Amongst others:

  • advice on tax-efficient structures
  • tax planning on assets sales or purchase
  • tax on succession planning
  • business structure planning
  • estate planning

Amongst others:

  • wills
  • power of attorneys
  • succession planning
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Phone: (289) 815 2115

Email: johann@duplaw.pro

Website: www.duplaw.ca