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Cypher Law focuses on all areas of residential real estate, commercial contracts, franchise agreements, and wills & powers of attorney. As the founder of Cypher Law, Sanchita Chawla uses her expertise and exceptional experience by identifying and foreseeing risks to her clients and addressing these risks by adding efficient remediation in place.

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Sanchita Chawla

Sanchita Chawla has extensive corporate experience working with one of the biggest franchisors in the world, Restaurants Brand International (RBI), leading their legal franchising team. While working at RBI, Sanchita developed a unique skill set ranging from not only process streamlining but also managing a large team of personnel and international franchising for all restaurants, globally. Sanchita is passionate about the real estate industry and development.  As a real estate investor herself, she is currently learning more about the construction industry and its intricacies.

As the founder of Cypher Law, helping her private clients with their real estate and commercial contract needs, Sanchita aims to build a firm that utilizes automation and AI to truly become the "firm of tomorrow".



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Cypher Law helps their clients in the following areas:

Real Estate


Commercial Contracts 

(including entertainment contracts)

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